Delaware State
Corporation Information

Delaware is the home to 400,000+ corporations. More than half the nation's Fortune 500 companies incorporate in Delaware. Corporations choose Delaware for the following reasons:
   1. Ease of incorporating,
   2. Business-friendly climate,
   3. Fast services provided by the Secretary of State's Office and
   4. Delaware's Court of Chancery. (Our Court of Chancery is well known for its ability to issue timely decisions on complex corporate matters, and its wealth of case law ensures consistent answers to corporate questions.)
If you form a corporation in Delaware, you are required to pay an annual Franchise tax to the Delaware Department of State for the privilege of incorporating in Delaware. Franchise Tax is based on the number of the corporation's authorized shares.
If incorporated in another state but doing business in Delaware, you must also register with the Department of State.
For more detailed information and an incorporating package, please contact:

The Delaware Department of State
Division of Corporations
PO Box 898
Dover, Delaware 19903
Phone: (302) 739-3073

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