Why Incorporate in Delaware?


Why Delaware?

Delaware's advantages as a place of incorporation range from the Delaware General Corporation Law to the flexibility built into the corporate formation process.
Incorporating in Delaware is generally less expensive than most other states. The initial charge for incorporating in Delaware can be as low as $89.00; the annual franchise tax can be as low as $65.00 in many cases; and the cost of continuing operations is low as well. There is no Delaware corporate income tax for corporations that are formed in Delaware so long as they do not transact business in Delaware.
Another benefit of Delaware incorporation is Delaware's extensive and often easily interpretable law. Delaware has a separate Court of Chancery (a business court) that does not use juries, but instead utilizes merit-based (not elected) judges. Because there are no juries, decisions from the Chancery Court are issued as written opinions, and as such, Delaware has a large body of written legal precedent to rely upon.
Delaware law also allows for a version of the Limited Liability Company called a Serial LLC. Traditionally, an LLC is relatively simple to form and maintain. It is similar to the formation of a sole proprietorship or a partnership, but also provides a layer of protection (the corporate shield) as a limitation of liability. Unlike regular LLCs, Delaware's "Serial" LLC allows different lines of business to be treated separately from each other from a liability standpoint.

What is so Special about a Delaware Corporation?
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